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A leading supplier of electrical components and industrial equipment since 1994.

How Prisma Electrical Controls Corp. Achieved Seamless Integration and Real-time Reporting through Britana

“Prior to Britana, we used multiple systems for various key functions, including purchasing, sales processing, order management, inventory tracking, and accounting. Because of this, encoding was repetitive and time-consuming, real-time data and information was unavailable, business document printouts were heavily relied upon, and information was transferred manually between key processes. When Prisma grew and scaled up, this setup became very inefficient, which is why the business chose to acquire an ERP system.

After the implementation and learning period, we noticed the following benefits:

    1. Faster processing time as result of minimized encoding across different departments.
    2. Rapid decision making in crucial business processes such as purchase processing, counter-offering to customers, and partial delivery with the help of readily available real-time information.
    3. Increased accountability of each team member due to increased transparency in transactions.
    4. Significant decrease in use of paper for documents and printouts

The ease of use and intuitiveness of Britana is a huge advantage since it requires minimal time and effort for a new user to learn how to use the system. It is also capable of connecting and tracking all transactions of a business which makes pipeline monitoring very convenient.  Additionally, there is an abundance of reports to choose from so that users are always equipped with relevant insights to specific operations.

Britana is an end-to-end management system that covers the core functions of a business in a way that is comparable to that of upscale ERP solutions. As a locally built software solution, it listens and understands the difficulties that local SMEs face when attempting to integrate an ERP system into their operations.

Another key factor in our company’s newfound success can be attributed in large part to Britana’s willingness to continuous improvement. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has been crucial in helping us realize our goal of streamlining our end-to-end operations. 

We recommend other SMEs to migrate to Britana in order to benefit from enhanced operational efficiency, expedited transaction processing, and—above all—the ability to make decisions that are well-informed and empowered.”

Lyn Belmonte, VP for Operations

A provider of quality, purposeful, and well-curated furniture pieces for the food & beverage industry, hospitality segment, and commercial & residential spaces.

How Quirk Furniture Collective Inc. Effectively Managed their Warehouses and End-to-End Operations by Upgrading to Britana

“As a supplier of commercial furniture for the F&B and hospitality industry, we constantly have to add new items/SKUs into our collection to keep up with the trends and to always have something new to offer to our clients so as our inventory grew and became more varied, it became a challenge to manage and track them accurately.  The only system we had was for accounting and it did not have features for the operations side, which was then all done manually with Microsoft Excel.  There were a lot of redundancies and a lot of encoding, and reports took very long to generate.  The accuracy of the information generated also became questionable due to the errors by multiple human touchpoints.

Because we wanted to improve the efficiency and accuracy of information, we started looking for a system. When Britana presented, we found it to be quite comprehensive as it offered a complete solution in systemizing the process from quotation to fulfillment; accounting; inventory management; and much more.  Everyone now encodes and generates information in one system- across different departments- and this remarkably increased our efficiency and accuracy. Britana has helped our organization across all departments but the most significant benefit we have had is from its comprehensive inventory management.  Being able to accurately track inventory movement for analysis and order planning is such a big help.  Being able to also generate documents for product sampling to clients is also a unique feature that is not present in many of the systems in the market.  The customer service support of Britana is excellent.  They remain open to ideas, new processes, and more importantly, are quick to respond.

I think what makes Britana different from the other software is that it was designed based on comprehensive research and study on the common processes and practices specific to our country.  This made it faster and easier for us to learn and use Britana without much customization as everything we need is already in the system.  

For companies who want to professionalize and streamline their system to support their company’s growth, Britana is a good and reliable partner you can count on.”

Kerstin Co, General Manager

 A leading distributor and service provider of barcode data collection system solutions and manufacturer of barcode stickers, labels, and ribbons.

Why Barcotech Philippines, Inc. Chose Britana as its partner in Scaling and Improving Company Operations

“Britana ERP has been transformative for our growing organization. Its ability to track bills, manage warehouse & inventory, and automate financial transactions has proven invaluable, saving time and improving workflow efficiency. It has also reduced expenses by eliminating the need for multiple software systems and providing a centralized platform for all our operations.

We highly recommend Britana ERP for its efficiency, automation, and capability to streamline business operations. While there are still areas for improvement, it has undoubtedly provided a reliable foundation that transformed our operations, making our business more efficient and competitive without breaking the bank.”

Camille Soberano, General Sales and Marketing Manager